The Masters

Grand Master Yung Sam Kim:

7th Degree Black Belt
Established first Tae Kwon Do school
in Green Bay in 1973.
Instructed Tae Kwon Do
in Green Bay for 21 years.
Over 50 years Tae Kwon Do experience.
Trained four Tae Kwon Do Grand Champions and one U.S. Olympic Judo Team Competitor.
 Certifies all our Belt Rank Testings

Master Penny Duggan:

6th Degree Black Belt
Tae Kwon Do training since 1974
Tae Kwon Do instructor since 1976
Former Midwestern champion in free sparring, forms, and breaking competition.
1979 AAU National TKD Tournament - 2nd Place.

15 Affiliated schools throughout Northeastern, WI.

Provides the direction & leadership for the organization.

Instructs at Redeemer School.

Teaches Self-Defense Seminars for Schools, Businesses and Civic Organizations.

Directs 4 Testings, 3 Tournaments and 2 Training Camps per year.

Directs Team Building Events and Social Gatherings.

Directs Fundraising Events to Support the Community.

Thanks to the Schools Masters, Instructors, Black Belts, Students and Parents for all your support at our events.