Classes are being held on Wednesday & Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. Tuesday from 1:00 – 2:00 PM We have several guidelines to keep everyone safe. Each class you will sign in stating you have no symptoms of Covid-19. We will social distance, hand sanitize, masks optional and the […]

Calendar of Events

August 29 TKD & Judo Summer Camp in Green Bay September 12 Testing November 7 Tournament & Fundraiser for Honor Flight Veterans December 5 Testing Currently we are teaching Online TKD Classes and Black Belt Workshops

Lesson 14 TKD Forms Tournament Training

What are tournament judges looking for in competitors? Learn how to display the Theory of Power and many other considerations judges use to score TKD Forms. Theory of Power: Reaction Force, Concentration, Equilibrium, Breath Control, Mass & Speed.

Lesson 13 Double Kicks

Kicking twice in the air with the same leg gives you a sparring advantage. Find out which combinations work best for you and try them at your next tournament.


Se-Jong is named after the greatest Korean King, Se-Jong, who invented the Korean alphabet in 1443 and was also a noted meteorologist. The 24 movements refer to the 24 letters of the Korean alphabet.


Sam-Il denotes the historical date of the independence movement of Korea which began throughout the country on March 1, 1919. The 33 movements in the pattern stand for the 33 patriots who planned the movement.


Yoo-Sin is named after General Kim Yoo Sin, commander general during the Silla Dynasty, who unified the three separate kingdoms of Korea. The 68 movements refer to the last two figures of 668 A.D. , the year Korea was united.